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Voice Over Demos

7 Holdings Media

“Alexa Tuttle is the real deal! She can act, write & direct! A gem of a human! Hire this girl! She has it all!”

Fannie Brett-Rabault

(voice casting & dubbing director)

Vocal Range

My voice has been described as bright, clear, articulate, warm, friendly, youthful, and versatile, and it fits best with Teenage/Young Adult/Adult (17-35 year-old) profiles.


Looking for a relatable, friendly girl next door?

A powerful, malicious evil sorceress?

How about a posh British professional or a quirky southern cowgirl?


I'm a well-rounded ace in the voice booth and fabulous at slipping into different perspectives to deliver a wide range of vocal performances.






Reading + Talking Fast

Complex Terminology

My skills make me an excellent solution for animation, video game/interactive, anime or live-action dubbing, TV/Streaming/Radio commercial, narration, e-learning, telephony, and promo projects!


Source Connect Standard / Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts / etc.

For professional inquiries, please send me a message with the form below or contact:


Vanessa Gilbert at RSA Entertainment

(Los Angeles, CA)


Bailey Hayman at DDO Chicago

(Chicago, IL)


I look forward to hearing from you!

let's work together!

Thanks for your message! I will respond as soon as possible.


Kelly Moscinski @ The VoiceCaster · Julia Bianco Schoeffling

Joyce Castellanos · Jeremy Hall · Mary Lynn Wissner · Chris Lang

Brent Mukai · Melissa Moats · Ogie Banks · John Mitchell

David Rosenthal · Lisa Picotte · David Kauffman · Dave Boat

Richard Israel · Arianna Ratner · Lisa Biggs · Fannie & Max Rabault

Professional Comedy Improv with Corey Pepper & Ronnie Sperling

The Improv Hooligans Troupe


Studio 5 Carat Diamond Platinum Booth
UA Apollo Twin X Interface
Blue KIWI Multi-pattern FET Studio Condenser Mic
Source Connect Standard
Adobe Audition DAW

studio pictures

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