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Voice Over Demos

My voice has been described as lively, enthusiastic, bubbly, young, smooth, bright, clear, articulate, and warm, and lends itself best to Teen and Young Adult characters. My strengths lie with the energetic, youthful, and quirky, but sometimes I surprise even myself! 

I record in my
professional home studio (VocalBooth 5 Carat Diamond Platinum booth) and provide both the voice talent and the editing services to deliver fully finished VO files in any format (mp3, WAV, AIFF, uploaded to Dropbox, FTP, etc.)

Source Connect Standard / Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts / etc.

For professional inquiries, please send me a message with the form below, or e-mail my agent
Vanessa Gilbert @ RSA Entertainment.

Can't wait to work with you!

Thanks for your message! I will respond as soon as possible.

let's work together!


Kelly Moscinski @ The VoiceCaster · Julia Bianco Schoeffling Jeremy Hall · Mary Lynn Wissner · Chris Lang

Brent Mukai · Melissa Moats · Ogie Banks · John Mitchell

David Rosenthal · Lisa Picotte · David Kauffman

Richard Israel · Arianna Ratner · Lisa Biggs

Professional Comedy Improv with Corey Pepper & Ronnie Sperling

The Improv Hooligans Troupe


Studio 5 Carat Diamond Platinum Booth
UA Apollo Twin X Interface
Blue KIWI Multi-pattern FET Studio Condenser Mic
Source Connect Standard
Adobe Audition DAW

studio pictures!

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