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I'm Alexa Tuttle. Welcome to my website!


I write books, make movies, narrate commercials and audiobooks, and prefer to spend as much of my time as possible immersed in stories. I was a teenage actress, model, and VO talent before I attended Chapman University and learned all about how to tell a story from behind the camera. By the time I graduated, my senior thesis short film won over 20 awards from festivals around the globe, and I eventually branched out into writing not only for the screen, but also for the page. I've published two children's picture books (one in association with the NHL's Vegas Golden Knights hockey team!) and am working on a handful of other Top Secret projects. When I'm not writing, I'm reading all kinds of books, watching New Girl (it never gets old!), and playing pickleball. I also have a non-writing job that demands my attention sometimes. Luckily, it's pretty fun, too.

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