My name is Alexa Tuttle. Welcome to my website!

I write books, make movies and spend most of my time in the fantastical world of storytelling. With each of my stories, whether intended for the screen or the page, I hope to inspire others with the fantastic thrill of embarking on new adventures, befriending new characters and discovering exciting new worlds. Check out my books and movies, or send me a message.


Try the unthinkable

New Release!

My latest written adventure for kids, "The Vegas Golden Knights: Defenders of the Ice", is finally here!


I wrote this fantastical re-imagining of how the Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team came to be so that fellow VGK fans could relive the magic of our amazing first season over and over.


Join the people of the Desert Kingdom of Las Vegas on their epic adventure from misfits to Golden Knights as they discover the enchanting power of their very own “desert ice”.

VGK BookBrush 3D mockup.png
3D mockup - front and back.png


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"Just then the creature waves its small hand.

It plops in her cocoa-- so NOT what she planned!"

Join Rosie as she gets into some spooky shenanigans with a determined little spider in this Halloween adventure for kids!