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A fun, fast-paced, humorous mystery about a brainy, relatable heroine, a government experiment gone wrong, and the zany world of T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T. espionage…


My name is Julie Richardson, and if you'd told me one week ago that I'd be racing through the sewers of Paris in search of a golden thumb drive to stop an Evil Villain from destroying the world, I'd have thought you were describing some off-brand James Bond film.

Unfortunately for me, I had to go and *accidentally* trigger a dangerous government experiment that turned me into the most sought-after source of classified intel on the planet. I used to be worried about my GPA and graduating college at the top of my class. Now, I've got bad guys chasing after me, so-called "good guys" trying to experiment on me, and Evil Villains threatening to cut out my brain! The good news is, there's a chance I could get my normal life back. The bad news is that chance is slim to none.


Forced to go on a life-threatening government mission? Check.
Accompanied by the world's most handsome/self-absorbed spy? Check.
A plan? Not even close.

Welcome to T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T.

WARNING: This book contains laugh-out-loud screwball humor, mysterious clues, amateur sleuthing, non-stop adventure, and shameless movie references. For fans of action comedies, spy parodies, and unadulterated fun. Read at your own risk...


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Rosie and Mr. Spooks
a sweet Halloween adventure

“Easily spooked and hilariously expressive, Rosie leads young readers on an exciting adventure as she tries to escape the mysterious and adorable Mr. Spooks!”– Jenna McCarthy, bestselling author of “Lola Knows a Lot”


“[…] The story presents readers with a lesson, but it is subtle, more implied, and blends into the skillful rhyming of the story and the simple yet wonderfully drawn pictures. A nicely conceived effort and collaboration! It should be a welcome addition to any Halloween book collection or any young reader’s bookshelf.”

– STARRED REVIEW, Reader’s Favorite

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The Vegas Golden Knights: Defenders of the Ice
a comic book fairy tale about the NHL's Vegas team

“We are proud to partner with Alexa Tuttle on this inspiring book. The Defenders of the Ice really captures the magic between the Vegas Golden Knights and the community of Las Vegas that continues to unify our city.” -- Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Vegas Golden Knights


“Thanks for helping inspire our next generation of NHL fans. It’s a great read and our young fans will enjoy it as well.” -- Dave McCarthy, Vice President Consumer Products, National Hockey League

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